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其士集團代表成員於10月6日參觀了我們位於八鄉的新鷹預製件工場。期間我們展示半自動生產線及各項先進機器的操作示範。除此之外, 亦就裝配式設計(DfMA)及機電裝備合成法(MiMEP)進行深入研討。我們在此感謝各位到訪,任何人士或團體如有興趣, 歡迎聯絡我們安排參觀。

Representatives of Chevalier Group have visited our Sun Ying Prefab Factory on 6/10. During the visit, director Dr. Alex Lee introduced the semi-automatic production line and demonstrated the operations of several advanced machines.There was also a fruitful discussion regarding the future development of DfMA & MiMEP.We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chevalier Group for joining our factory tour. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for booking a tour visit!

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